Jesse Jackson

A Powerful Ally To Civil Rights

jesse jackson

Jesse Jackson Civil Rights Activist

When we talk of great inspirational leaders, Jesse Jackson needs to be mentioned. Jesse Jackson was born in south California and is one of the leading civil right activists. He has done a lot of good work in the field of social rights and here we shall glorify the works of Jesse Jackson by shedding light on his accomplishment and his life.
Jesse Jackson is a prominent figure in politics as well owing to his field of work, he naturally could not demarcate himself from the filed of politics. Jesse Jackson had a life of struggle as his biological father married another woman and left his mother and was not involved with the parenting of his son, Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson had a successful family life with his five children until it was discovered that he had an affair with Karin Stanford, who was a staffer and reportedly Jesse Jackson also fathered a baby girl, this news led to a break in his popularity and he left the social work for the time being.
However, despite this news for the wrong reason, Jesse Jackson is still deemed as one of the best leaders when it comes to civil right activists. The kind of work that Jesse Jackson has done in these fields is phenomenal to say the least. Rainbow/PUSH is the leading NGO co founded by Jesse Jackson. It is one of the biggest accomplishments of Jesse Jackson as rainbow/PUSH works actively in the field of civil rights, social justice and equity.

jesse jackson

Jesse Jackson African American Leader

The works of Jesse Jackson are immense as he is the man behind a lot of initiative actions and events as he has actively participated in many of such events. No doubt, Jesse Jackson is considered a great leader as he has managed to pull masses and get his point through them with ease and conviction. Such was the astounding influence of Jesse Jackson, that his presence could soon be felt in the international arena as well. He soon gained a lot of popularity as one of the greatest African American leader. His prowess in the field of social and civil rights was so spectacular, that Jesse Jackson filed for presidency campaign. Although, a lot of people had written Jesse Jackson off in the initial stage itself, the world braced for a surprise when he came in third in the election campaign. However, he could not go any further in the campaign and he lost the presidency but he gained a lot of province as he captured a comparative healthy percentage of votes. However, Jesse Jackson was soon involved in a lot of mishaps like his snide remarks on Jews, his take on racism and some other embarrassing stuff as well which was publicized by the media.
However, Jesse Jackson was once again unfazed by the media reports that were circulating and went on with his activities. Owing to his good work in the social field, Jesse Jackson was rightly voted as the most important black leader in the month of February, 2006.

jesse jackson

Jesse Jackson the Preacher

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