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Obama vs. Romney

The United States 2012 presidential elections will happen on November 6, 2012. It’s the 57th quadrennial (occurs every 4 years) presidential election. According to the constitution, the 2012 elections will coincide with the senatorial elections. Incumbent president Barack Obama is running for re-election, his second and final term. Among his staunch supporters from his 2008 campaign are fellow democrats Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and his son, incumbent U.S. representative Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois. Both have been early supporters of the Barack Obama 2012 re-election campaign.

Jesse Jackson Sr. was known to pave the way for an African-American to finally hold the most powerful seat in the U.S. government in 2008. Once a two-time presidential candidate (1984 and 1988) himself, Jesse Jackson has been a prominent figure in the world of civil rights activism. An ordained Baptist minister, Jesse Jackson has used both religious and political views to initiate programs in helping African American and other ethnic minorities in America. Before Barack Obama’s appearance on stage during his victory celebration in 2008, Jesse Jackson was seen teary eyed, probably thinking that it took twenty long years before a man of color finally stepped up and become president of the United States of America.

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Election Map

The 2012 elections also held the 2nd congressional district competition between Jesse Jackson Jr. and Debbie Halvorson. It is considered as one of the most anticipated primaries among the democrats held last March 20. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s re-election bid has amassed more than 50 ministers supporting his campaign lead by Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. Halvorson also has the backing of the clergy, including some that had previously supported Jesse Jackson Jr.

The incumbent democrats are on the race to save their posts.

Just like Jesse Jackson Sr., Jesse Jackson Jr.’s own 2012 election race as congressman of Illinois has been fought with advertisement failures and controversy regarding funding. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s heated ethical and character debates against Halvorson were memorable. Political strategists have already foreseen Jesse Jackson Jr.’s imminent win even before the electoral race began.

2012 elections

2012 candidates

Probing allegations against Jesse Jackson Jr. regarding his donors attempting to maneuver him into being chosen by then Governor Rod Blagojevich for a senatorial seat had surfaced. Halvorson mentioned Jesse Jackson Jr.’s supposed exploitation of a campaign benefactor to fly an ex-mistress to and from Chicago. These rumors about extramarital affairs took a toll on the voters’ confidence on Jesse Jackson Jr.’s character.

Halvorson’s campaign has benefitted from many anti-Jesse Jackson Jr. mailed materials and robo-calls funded for by a Texas-based super PAC. She goes on to say that these people wanted Jesse Jackson Jr. out of the picture and said, “If he [Jesse Jackson Jr.] has been doing his job, there would be no need for me to run.”

reps vs dems

Republicans vs Democrats

Character attacks have surfaced regarding Jesse Jackson Jr. capitalizing on Trayvon Martin’s murder to further his chances of winning the elections. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s often publicly voiced indictment of America that advocates black victimhood has gained him less popularity among non-blacks.

Jesse Jackson Jr. has weathered the allegations and cleared up his connections with SNC Lavalin, the Canadian-based developer that is under investigation for trying to smuggle one of the sons of Moammar Gaddafi to Mexico. Jessie Jackson Jr. also went on to say that SNC Lavalin terminated all employees connected in the Libyan incident and maintained good rapport with Canada.

Jesse Jackson Jr. has related that he has brought $900 million in federal funding to the district. Jesse Jackson Jr. goes on to say that he had acquired these funding more than any other congressman elected in the state. Jesse Jackson Jr. said the funds will be used to build the third major airport he had been advocating for so long, projected to create more than a quarter million jobs that will bring in more revenue in the area. Jesse Jackson Jr. has also boldly called for more liberal remedies that will involve huge federal funding.

election 2012

election 2012

Being hardcore democrats, both Jesse Jackson Jr. and Debbie Halvorson has appealed to the masses with personal stories. But being a tried-and-true politician, and taking a few chapters out of Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.’s book, Jesse Jackson Jr. still has an advantage over her. Both democrats are equally well-funded. Jesse Jackson Jr. has roughly the same campaign budget as Halvorson.

Jesse Jackson Jr. proposed to spend $2.4 trillion over six years to drive the failing economy. The money is for a “direct massive investment in public works” to make new roads, replace old sewer lines and create high-speed rail. Jesse Jackson Jr. has proposed to spend $100 billion more to bail out the counties and the cities and another $200 billion to bail out the states. Jesse Jackson Jr. suggested increasing tax rates to Clinton-era levels. He had proposed to have a single-payer health-care system. Jesse Jackson Jr. has also asked to have the federal government to rescue homeowners who are facing foreclosures from banks that can’t negotiate for loans.

Polls have shown that Jesse Jackson Jr. has a 59% lead against Halvorson, who only gained 23% of the votes. From the get-go, Halvorson faced a huge and impossible challenge to win in a face-off with Jesse Jackson Jr. in the 2nd district in Illinois elections even when he is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Jesse Jackson Jr., without a doubt, won the primaries but wasn’t a landslide win that most were expecting.


2012 elections

2012 elections

Jesse Jackson Jr. has listed President Obama as one of his endorsers in his re-election bid, linking his campaign to the re-election of incumbent President Barack Obama. It has been pointed out that during Halvorson’s time in Congress; she has sided with the Republicans and voted against Obama 88 times. This is a very vital point considering that the 2nd district consist mostly of African-Americans, putting Jesse Jackson Jr. at an advantage just like his father, Jesse Jackson Sr.

Barack Obama is the only one among the six other democrats vying for the presidential position who came through the primaries and is pitted against four republicans, namely: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Will the democrats prevail again or will another republican be elected this time around?

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