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Jesse Jackson

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The two major parties in America are Republican Party and Democratic Party. The Republican Party was founded in the year 1854 and this is the reason why it is often referred to as the grand old party or GOP. The party is considered to be center right in its policies. A GOP nominee is due for the year 2012. Jesse Jackson can be considered to be a strong candidate for the nominee. Reverend Jesse Jackson is a popular name in America. Jesse Jackson is a popular civil rights activist in the country of African American origin. Reverend Jesse Jackson is also known to be a Baptist minister.

He is the founder as well as the president of the entities called Rainbow/Push. Reverend Jesse Jackson has also been a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination in the year 1984 and 1988. He has also served the district of Colombia as a shadow senator from the year 1991 to 1997. Jesse Jackson was designated as the most essential black leader in February 2006 in the poll called black voices. Other than being a civil rights activist Jesse Jackson is also involved in a number of other movements. Jesse Jackson is involved with movements for peace, social and economic justice, empowerment and gender equality.

All these qualities make reverend Jesse Jackson a right contender for the GOP nominee 2012. Jesse Jackson is a person who is aware of all the problems present in America and is working hard to help the country come out of these problems. Reverend Jesse Jackson is also interested in the economy of the country which has not yet fully revived from the great recession. According to Jesse Jackson there are lots of fundamental changes that need to be incorporated in the economy of the country. A person who offers such ideas can surely be one of the best choices for the GOP nominee.

Jesse Jackson started with his civil rights activism as early as 1965. Reverend Jesse Jackson always had the capability to command public attention with his words and personality from the very beginning. He even worked hard to bring some changes in the organizational policies. Jesse Jackson also took part in various racially charged incidents and fought for the black people. Later in the 1980s his fame extended to international levels. At that point of time reverend Jesse Jackson came to be known as a politician, leader and civil rights spokesperson. He travelled to a number of places in the world to work for peace.

Jesse Jackson was involved in a number of presidential elections. In 2008 he offered complete support to Barrack Obama who was then a senator, for presidential elections. The People of America believe that Jesse Jackson can help them have a better future. This is one of the reasons why reverend Jesse Jackson can turn out to be one of the most popular contenders in the GOP nominee for 2012. Other than being an activist Jesse Jackson is also a good family man with six children.

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