Jesse Jackson Controversy

Controversy Surrounding Jesse Jackson

controversy jesse jackson

Controversy Surrounding Jesse Jackson

The famous civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson is inseparable from controversies. Born on 8th October 1941 to a sixteen year old single mother, Jackson had a tuff childhood. He was an athletic student and got involved into civil activist movements from his high school days. Jackson worked with various other activists like Dr. Martin Luther King and James Bevel. Jesse Jackson became an assistant to Martin Luther King Jr. at Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Most of the controversies of Reverend Jesse Jackson are linked with the Rainbow PUSH organisation. On the day of Martin Luther King’s assassination on 5th April 1968, Jesse Jackson was accused for twisting facts on fellow activists.
Reverend Jesse Jackson has been accused several times from conservatives of financial improprieties. Most of the cases related to minorities when taken to court were settled quickly with the fear of racism tags. These facts lead the conservatives to blame Jesse Jackson for blackmailing the firms. The most controversial fact of Jackson’s life is his extra marital affair with his employee. Apart from being married to Jacqueline Brown in the year 1962, Reverend Jesse Jackson had relationships with his employee of PUSH organisation, Karin Stanford. Karin Stanford was twenty years younger to Jesse Jackson.
Jesse Jackson and Karin Stanford had a baby girl, Ashley in the year 1999, which was publically accepted by Jackson in the year 2001. Reverend Jesse Jackson has five children with Jacqueline, three boys and two girls. One of his son’s is named Jesse Jackson Jr. and he is a journalist and congressman. Jackson irrespective of the efforts for the controversies have stayed firm in his career as a civil rights activist. People have tried real hard to spoil his political career with the controversies surrounding him. Jesse Jackson once made a comment on the New York City as city of Jews “Hymietown” in 1984. This was reported by reporter Milton Cole of Washington Post.
Jesse Jackson stated Jews are conspiring against him. The worst deride for Reverend Jesse Jackson was when Jesse Jackson Jr., his own son an African-American congressman made sarcastic comments on Jackson’s statement. None of the apologies that came from Jesse Jackson were entertained and his image shrunk in size. Another remark which lead Jackson into controversy was about Richard Nixon. He said Richard was not taking care of poverty in US because eighty percent of the advisors of Richard are Jews and they will not concentrate on US but will only be bothered about England.
On one of the trips Jackson said that the Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin is a terrorist. Some of these remarks made by Reverend Jesse Jackson have badly spoilt his image. Even after several apologies in public Jesse Jackson is still not a trust worthy name among the Jewish community. Jesse Jackson Jr. controversy with Rick Perry also became popular. Jackson Jr. demanded for an apology from Ricky on naming a rock as “Niggerhead”. The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a huge power house of American political history, with both success as well as controversies.

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