Jesse Jackson’s Children

Jesse Jackson’s Children

Children Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson Children

Reverend Jesse Jackson dubbed as the “Living American Leader” is a black American who is both a Baptist Minister and a Black American activists for the civil rights of the minorities such as the Black American, Hispanic and white women. For three decades, Jesse Jackson fought his way into the seat of power to show America that African-American can seize equal chances in the government or in any privilege white Americans have. Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline Brown have five children and he has one illegitimate daughter with Karin Standford. His son, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is not far behind his father’s advocacy and has been a great help in his father’s Rainbow PUSH coalition.
Reverend Jesse Jackson children with wife Jacqueline are Sanita, Jesse Jackson Jr., Jonathan Luther, Yusef Dubios and Jacqueline Lavinia. Of all of his children, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is following the path of his minister/activist father. Jesse Jackson Jr. was born in 1965 is currently serving the second district of Illinois and has served President Obama in his presidential campaign last 2008. Just like his father, Jesse Jackson Jr. has been a civil right activist before he went into the realm of politics. As a child, Jesse Jackson Jr. was hyperactive but very intelligent. He graduated magna cum laude at AT&T where his father, the Jesse Jackson Sr. studied before him. Jesse Jackson Jr. also took theology and earned master degree in theology but decided not to be ordained. He went into law school as well but again, decided not to take the bar exam. In June 1, 1991 Jesse Jackson Jr. married Sandi Stevens who was a press secretary for the US Congress. They have two children, Jesse III and Jessica.
Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. has a high potential for senatorial seat. He became President Obama supporter starting 2007 in his presidential bid. Up until now, he supports the President earnestly, even to the point of chastising his father, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, of his comments about Obama’s attitude towards the black American fathers. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is not in agreement with his father ugly rhetoric concerning the President whom he had supported from the beginning.
Along with his elder brother, Jonathan Luther Jackson was present as well being born a year after Jesse Jackson Jr. He is also a civil right activist as well as a spokesperson in the Rainbow Coalition where his father, the Reverend Jesse Jackson founded. Jonathan Jackson godfather was Martin Luther King Jr. where Jonathan got his second name. He is not both a professor and an entrepreneur with his younger brother Yusef.
Jesse Jackson Sr. has successful and close family core values. And though it is not without imperfections, such as his illegitimate daughter from Standford, the Jackson’s children were brought up well given their positions in America. Their father’s dreams and hopes were not lost in his children. Jesse Jackson’s children are not far behind their father, continuing the reverend’s beliefs and integrating it with their own lives. With Reverend Jesse Jacksonas their father, Jesse Jr. and all of his siblings have higher standards to set for the society they are living in.

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