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Jesse Jackson Family Life

Reverend Jesse Jackson is the famous African-American politician who is greatly involved in civil rights of black. He was born to Helen Burns, a single mother of sixteen years of age on 8th October, 1941. Jesse Jackson’s biological father, Noah Robinson was a well known personality in Greenville, South California. Noah Robinson worked in a textile mill and was also a boxer. Jessie’s mother married Charles Jackson when Jesse Jackson was about 2 years old. Charles was working at a postal office and had to go for war soon after their marriage. Jesse Jackson had athletic body like his biological father.
Jesse Jackson came to know from his fellow kids that Charles was not his real father. He also met his half brother Noah Jr. Noah Sr. Visited Jesse Jackson several times and also funded financially at times. Jessie was allowed to meet his father at Robinson house after a deep discussion among the Noah Robinson Sr. and Jessie’s mother. Reverend Jesse Jackson was adopted by his step father Charles Jackson when he turned 15 years old. Charles gave all the love and affection of a father to Jackson. Jesse Jackson graduated from Sterling High School, Greenville. He attended University of Illinois with a scholarship gained from a football match.
Jesse Jackson became an active participant in the civil rights movement during his studies at A & T State University California. Jesse Jackson met Jacqueline Lavinia Davis, who was the first child among five other siblings. She became Jackson’s love interest from high school. She was from Florida and stayed with her mother who worked hard to supple her family. Jacqueline became reverend Jesse Jackson’s spouse in 1962. They had a baby girl in the year on 16th July, 1963. They named her Sanita Jackson. They had four more children after Sanita, three boys and one girl.
One the son’s of Jesse Jackson was named after him as Jesse Jackson Jr. grew to become a journalist and a leading representative of United States. Jackson raised his children Sanita Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr., Jonathan Luther, Yusef Dubois and Jacqueline Lavinia Jr. in Chicago’s South Side. Jackson had a child out of his wedlock in the year 1999 with one of his workers at PUSH foundations, named Karin Stanford. They had a baby girl and named her Ashley Jackson. Reverend Jesse Jackson accepted this in public in the year 2001.
Jacqueline, Jesse’s wife knew about his affairs and said in one of her comments that she knows what is happening outside but no one should enter her home. Jacqueline and Jesse Jackson had a long lasting marriage. Jesse Jackson had been into lot of civil activist movements and Jesse Jackson Jr. was also brought up in the same environment under his father’s guidance. Jackson has a good family with wife and children but being into politics did not allow him to spend much time with his family. Jesse Jackson and Jacqueline admit in one of their interviews that they don’t see each other much and she is tired of him but he is her favourite antique piece.

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