Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jesse Jackson Jr

Son of Jesse Jackson


jesse jackson jr

Jesse Jackson Jr. is the eldest son of Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson jr are two names most of us must have heard. Both Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson jr have done significant work in the field of social and civil rights. Jesse Jackson jr is the eldest son of Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson contributed more to the field of civil rights while Jesse Jackson jr marched in the fields of politics very early in his career. He also participated actively in the second presidential campaign by Jesse Jackson.
Reverend Jesse Jackson has been the face behind a lot of civil rights activities. He has actively participated in a lot of events that contributed to greater civil rights; he is the co founder of rainbow/PUSH. Jesse Jackson jr on the other hand has actively participated in the political field. He has worked as the co-chairman for the presidential campaign of Barrack Obama.
Jesse Jackson jr was involved in a lot of national and international civil right activities right from a very tender age. Along with reverend Jesse Jackson he actively participated in a lot of public activities which eventually helped him gain a lot of popularity and good publicity that finally helped him to rev up his political career.
Ever since he has joined the field of politics, he has managed to play an active part as his main issue has been his incessant pursuit for the proposed third airport at Chicago. Having an American African origin, Jesse Jackson jr has managed to garner a huge popularity and fan following in the black districts specifically. The black people have been tremendously supportive of Jesse Jackson jr and have encouraged all his moves. Jesse Jackson jr was the man behind a lot of good political activities and along with his father reverend Jesse Jackson he managed to earn a good reputation for himself both as a good social activist as well as a good political leader.
He has been a part of various campaigns. As has already been mentioned before, he also participated in the presidential campaign for his father which proved to be huge success, although Jesse Jackson could not pull a victory yet he achieved great success. This campaign proved to be a befitting ground work for launching the political campaign of Jesse Jackson jr. There has been a lot of constructive work done by the duo of parent and son and it is natural for you to appreciate the good work done by both of them. But, no one is perfect and both of them have had their share of controversies which led them hogging the media limelight for the wrong reason. But, being the great leaders that they are, both these great personalities remain undeterred in the face of adversity and continued unfazed in their task of marching ahead in their social and civil activity field as well as the other in his political career.
Hence, if you want to know about one of the greatest black leader and the majestic work of his son, Jesse Jackson jr, feel free to explore the records.

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