Jesse Jackson On Church

Jesse Jackson On Separation Of Church And State

Separation Of Church And State by Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson On Separation Of Church And State

Jesse Jackson is one of the most influential black leaders in the history of America till date. Jesse Jackson has been actively involved in a lot of civil right activities as he campaigned for the rights for the lesser privileged people. Jesse Jackson was ordained by a Baptist church in 1968 giving him the title of reverend Jesse Jackson. However, it is worth mentioning that despite being titled reverend Jesse Jackson he never actually served church.
When Jesse Jackson contested for presidential campaign for the first time in the year 1984, there were a lot of doubts. The reason for the same is the fact that not many people were comfortable with the idea of Jesse Jackson competing for a political career because he was a reverend. Many people believe in the separation of church and state and hence they could not stand the idea of reverend Jesse Jackson contesting for political power. The very fact that he was ordained by the church stood between people vouching for him as the president.
The idea of reverends serving the country as well has always managed to create a good debate since there are a lot of people who want god and politics to be kept entirely aloof. There is no doubt that reverend Jesse Jackson as a potential president candidate was the cause of a lot of discussion. Despite the discussions and snide remarks which Jesse Jackson got on contesting for the elections, he managed to do fairly well as a new candidate. Not surprisingly, Jesse Jackson along with his eldest son Jesse Jackson Jr stood for the presidential campaign once again in the year 1988. Obviously, the very fact that reverend Jesse Jackson was competing became a fuelling point of discussion.
Thus, Jesse Jackson is a man of steel. Despite the huge discussion, he was unfazed and carried out all his work actively championing the cause of social and civil rights. But, it is worth mentioning that there are people who had no issues with the fact that Jesse Jackson was a reverend and reverend Jesse Jackson could easily contest elections. These were the people who voted for him despite the media reports and the debate of keeping church and state separate. Believers of the theory say that a man is incapable of serving both the country and the God and hence religion should never mingle with politics. However, Jesse Jackson never actually served church but even then being called as reverend Jesse Jackson was enough to fuel the debate.
There has been no clear conclusion as it is an open topic with equal support on both sides. Different people have their own views and you cannot alter them with ease. However, the eldest son of Jesse Jackson that is Jesse Jackson Jr has been actively participating in politics and there has been no debate because he is not a reverend. One cannot give any conclusion to whether or not state and church should be separated and there seems to be no end to the debate anytime soon.

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