Jesse Jackson the Democrat

Jesse Jackson the Democrat

the Democrat Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson the Democrat

One of the vocal supporters of President Barack Obama is Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. The father of the controversial Chicago Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. Jesse Jackson Sr. once runs for Presidency in the year 1984 and 1988 presidential election. Despite of some statements that oppose Barack Obama’s actions, Jesse Jackson still campaigning for Obama’s presidency on the year 2012 presidential election. It is because Reverend Jesse Jackson and President Barack Obama is both democrat.

Despite of the arguments that happens among the member of the Democrat, their loyalty remains to its members. During election, aspirants running for a certain position in the government and supported by the party they were belong. As one of the great foundation of Democratic, the loyalty of Jesse Jackson remains to Barack Obama. To know how Jesse Jackson stays loyal as a democrat, reading the article could help you. It shows how the party transforms Jesse Jackson to be an effective public servant.

After 20 years of Bush and Clinton power, it came to end when Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United State during the 2008 Presidential election. When President Obama won, it is not only the Democratic Party who are victorious but as well as the black people. It is because Barack Obama is considered as the first ever African American to sit in the highest position in the White House. The victory of Obama was because of the help of one of the influential leaders in the United States and the members of the Democratic party. It was Reverend Jesse Jackson along with his son Jesse Jackson Jr. and their party, who spend so much of their time campaigning for Obama on the entire United States.

Jesse Jackson has immensely contributed for the victory of Barack Obama due to, in the year 1988 Presidential election Jackson as run for the presidency, but he did not win, but among all the candidates he place second. His campaign that time was able to inspired lots of people not only in the United States but also all over the world. His candidacy united great numbers of coalitions and shook the center of the political establishments. Because of the Rainbow Coalition that Jesse Jackson made, it gives great help to his candidacy that time. He was achieved great things both political and personal life. Furthermore, during that time, Jesse Jackson was able to teach lessons for this generation activist.

Reverend Jesse Jackson decided to run for president, after 20 years of Voting Right Act. With this act, the blacks are hardly acquiring political in limited numbers. During the entire campaign, the coalition point out the violation of the voting rights and the great qualities favored for the party front-runners. While doing it, Jesse Jackson faces great harassment from the extremist and the police officers. However, because of in adequate support Jackson failed. But through Jesse Jackson failed, he did not stop, he continue serving the public to the best that he could. A great proof to this is that his son Jesse Jackson Jr. who is a current representative of Chicago, continuously doing the legacy of his father which is fighting for the right of every United States citizen to have a better future in the country they serve.

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