What is a Reverend?

What is a Reverend?

Reverend What is

What is a Reverend

Jesse Jackson, America’s civil right activist who have paved the way for the nation’s newer direction, graduated having sociology and economics degree in college. But he pursued another educational path as a theology student which later made him the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The Reverend Jesse Jackson who was and still is voicing his concerns about the nation’s civil rights and equal privileges is both a reverend and a well known politician. With his standing in the society, how will then the people see the politician and the reverend. What is a reverend in the likes of Jesse Jackson?
Some had said that the Reverend Jesse Jackson used his being a reverend as a stepping to politics. He was an activist before he decided to attend the Chicago Theological Seminary. However, it was not really surprising for the young Jesse Jackson to want to be a minister. When he was a young child, his biological grandfather Jesse Robinson was a Baptist reverend. And as a young child, Jesse Jackson was encouraged to speak at the church his grandfather founded. It is suffice to say that being a reverend will not be far from the young Jesse Jackson mind to become.
But being a plain minister does not fit into the young Jesse Jackson fate. His college civil rights movements have already ingrained core principles in his young mind. And the fact of how often Jesse Jackson have experienced racism, even to the point of a gun from a white store shop owner who was supposed to be his friend pushes him to voice his dream for equality. His core value as a Christian who seeks God’s council in whatever actions Jesse Jackson did remained in his heart and has been often displayed in his speech and addresses. His talks about his dreams were often interlinked with his beliefs in God. Reverend Jesse Jackson was even Clinton’s spiritual adviser. This is because Reverend Jesse Jackson was and is both a minister of God and a politician who is fighting for equal justice, equal access, equal opportunities and equal law protection for all American Citizens, white, Hispanic and African American races.
What then is a reverend? What influenced does a reverend have in a society? What kind of minister is Reverend Jesse Jackson? A reverend is a man of God ordained by Theological Seminary such as the Seminary Jesse Jackson attended in Chicago. And though Jesse Jackson dropped from the Seminary to pursue his dreams for his nation, he was bestowed the Reverend title by the Seminary due to his achievement for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The Reverend Jesse Jackson influenced the people around him with his faith and words of God not in a church congregation but mostly on rallies, demonstration and later Democratic addresses and convention. The reverend in Jesse Jackson became a title equivalent to honorable.

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